The Equipment


Darwin runs the standard 23' Imemsa Panga with safety equipment and a 60hp two stroke Yamaha outboard.

He also runs a Hells Bay Marquesa with a 90hp four stroke Yamaha outboard, trolling motor, fish finder, and quick remove tarpon fighting cage.

So, depending on your quarry, he can meet all your needs.  Without question, Darwin has the finest equipment in Holbox and maybe in the entire Yucatan.


Darwin keeps several Shimano 8000 reels with 30 to 65 pound test line, Diawa rods, and 2 ounce Spro chartreuse and white bucktail jigs on hand for big tarpon.

For small tarpon, bones, and permit, he uses Shimano 2500 reels, Browning rods, and jigs and Zoom flukes on unweighted 3/0 worm hooks.

Big tarpon invariably throw heavy jigs on  the jumps and Darwin has been experimenting with sliding weights and conn-pop type systems for  people wanting to spin fish.  


Shilton and Orvis reels with G Loomis and Orvis rods make up the 12 weight arsenal.  Lighter weights include several Sage Ones and Salts.  Flies vary from 6/0 all flash flies to #1 bunnies for babies and crab and shrimp patterns for bones and permit.

The big Oceanside tarpon will not eat surface flies or floating line presentations.  Rio Leviathan 600 to 700 grain line is what works on these fish and they readily eat large, flashy flies in contrasting colors like red and white, black and yellow or chartreuse, etc.  

Darwin and the new addition for the 2018 Season